Day 11: Looking Ahead to Projects, Plotting, and Baby Names

Raymond Yee

February 25, 2014 (

Goals Today

Answers to Day 8 A Metro Diversity published


As I announced on bCourses this weekend, you might benefit from studying a less abstract calculation of entropy_rice, which I present in Day_11_A_Explicit_Entropy_Calc.ipynb

Course Github Organization

Fill out What's your github account handle? so that AJ or I can add you to our course github organization: Working with Open Data 2014. We'll then be able to create repositories visible to the class only that we can use for your individual and project work.

Project Proposals

Due: Friday, March 14, 2014 11:59pm.

Write a 1-2 page proposal on how your group (of 2-3 team members) will conduct a thorough analyses of some open dataset or datasets. Use the following template for your proposal:

Project Brainstorming

To help us brainstorm and refine ideas and to start forming team:

Project Ideas and Team Formation for WwOD 2014, aka

Don't forget documents we have on the go:

I need you all to advocate for your own interests, questions, and what you want to learn.

Upcoming Midterm

Preparing for Day 12: Plotting/Mapping

You can sign up for a short class co-taught by Dav Clark and Raymond Yee (March 5): Javascript Visualization | D-Lab. We'll cover some of the same material in this class, but Dav is a great teacher.

In Class Activity


Assignments / Homework