Day 13: Baby Names II and mpld3

Raymond Yee

March 4, 2014 (

Goals Today

Preparing for midterm

The focus for the next two weeks is on preparing for the midterm. I'm working on developing some quizzes to help you in that regard.

Baby Names



A D3 Viewer for Matplotlib Visualizations and Matplotlib Tutorial ? mpl-tutorial 0.1 documentation D3 Plugins: Truly Interactive Matplotlib In Your Browser

Jake VandePlas' tutorials are great:

use matplotlib magic

I've been using

%pylab inline


%pylab --no-import-all inline

We should instead use:

%matplotlib inline

to get matplotlib plots to show up inline in the IPython notebook . See 3 - Plotting with Matplotlib.ipynb

Assignments / Homework

Assignment in

Submit a notebook that describes what you've learned about the nature of ambigendered names in the baby names database. (Due date: Monday, March 10 Wed, March 12 at 11:5pm --> bCourses assignment) I'm interested in seeing what you do with the data set in this regard. At the minimum, show that you are able to run Day_13_C_Baby_Names_MF_Completed. Be creative and have fun.