Day 18: Looking ahead

Raymond Yee

March 20, 2014 (

Goals Today

As announced in Topic: The goal for tomorrow's class is to get you into project groups:

Today, we're focusing on getting everyone into project groups. Although you won't have to commit to a project idea until you submit your proposal after spring recess, I'd like all of you to identify a project group and project idea tomorrow. A reminder that a Preliminary Project Proposal is due this Friday.

Relevant references:

Preliminary Project Proposal due tomorrow (Friday March 21, 2014) --> but why not get it done in class today!

Before the spring break, I'd like you to report individually on what progress you've made towards formulating a project. At the minimum, you need to describe one idea of a project and identify at least one open data set. By identify, I mean that you need to show that the data set is open, describe how anyone can obtain the data (a URL pointing to the data set would be most helpful), and detail what legal terms governs your use of the data.

FSM hackathon

An upcoming opportunity: #HackFSM: A Hackathon for the Free Speech Movement Digital Archive | Digital Humanities