Day 20: IPython 2.0

Raymond Yee

April 3, 2014 (

IPython 2.0

What's New in IPython 2.0 Series

how to upgrade?

Installing IPython or IPython - Development - [ANNOUNCE] IPython 2.0.0

how to try out examples?

look at them on nbviewer: ipython/tree/master/examples/ or

clone and use the ipython repo locally:

git clone

example of IPython widgets: cool demo of three.js widget

Deadline for tutorials

About the Bonus Tutorials:

the deadline is Monday April 28 at 11:59pm -- to allow for enough time for everyone to benefit from them.

Making use of bCourses to tackle miscelleanous topics

We've had discussions on Writing forwards-compatible Python and Choosing licenses for your code. I'm very happy to see people bring up topics. I'm going to use bCourse and Piazza to bring up other topics, to continue conversations outside of the formal class context. If there should be topics of great interest, let's schedule time in class.

I'll put more info, for example, about

In Class Activity

Goal: Figure out how we can help each other make progress on the projects. Specifically, how do we find ways to get people talking to each other throughout the class.

  1. Let's have an enumeration of each of the project. Each project pick a person to represent the project, write a post-it with the title and project members, and then give us a 30s spiel about the project.

  2. Projects should also write one post-it for any problem they are facing. (The goal here is gather up common problems and challenges to identify useful tutorials we should develop.) (for example, you might realize you need to do some web scraping and would like to learn more about the topic -- please list web scraping. ).