Day 21: Increasing Specificity in Projects

Raymond Yee

April 8, 2014 (


Clustering of Challenges

Thanks to Prabha Matta for clustering the post-its we compiled last week:

These are the problem categories I compiled based on the students' project feedback exercise held on last Thursday:

  1. collaboration of ipython notebooks

  2. statistics - intro to stats packages, normalizing data, comparison, correlations and regression analysis

  3. creating interactive visualization/user interactivity

  4. large datasets - possible use of AWS

  5. data retrieval - wiki scraping, learn to use API - Flickr API, yelp API, google API,

  6. Others: data cleaning, database design

Some Geo work

I'll update the notes here based on what I show in the Day 21 classnotes.

A focus problem: generating topojson for census entities.

Goal Today

Assignments / Homework

Don't forget Project Progress Report 1 -- due tonight.